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I'm Jeremy.

I am probably too old to blog.

I say "Sorry not sorry" a lot and am fuelled by caffeine.

This is my funny man. I like him quite a bit.

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Hark, bitch!

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Dat feel when your desk job leaves you with sore and tired legs and feet #whattheactualfuck #yougetunderthedesk This iced caramel will make all things better though #blessed

Working with a large group of middle aged individuals who are incapable of following simple instructions without constant hand holding is sometimes very very taxing.

And not reading the memo is not an excuse for repeated incompetence. It is just further incompetence.


What I love most about this is that this person was SO INCENSED at the recipient that they couldn’t even wait the days/weeks it would take for the mail to go through. No, they had to say “FUCK YOU” as soon as fucking possible and, AND, let the recipient that they were not done with the fuck you, nay, this was merely the first volley in what would undoubtably be a dressing down of Biblical proportions.

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Desk is slowy being customised…#work #BMO #pokemon #coffeeordiegang




are dogs even real

Technically, no.

dogs are fantastic. 

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